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Jan 27, 2018


In previous post I asked for feedback what are the important features I should work on.

Those that provided the feedback have put the desktop application on the top of their wishlists. No surprise :-)

However due to a lack of interest I've put the desktop app on hold for now.

At the moment I can offer you these options for your customized versions of NAV (all of them require me to sign an NDA to not disclose, use,... your IP and then you would send me exported tables from your database; it will take me one day for the initial processing of your customized tables):

  1. I process your customized tables and send the resulting diagrams to you as SVG and PNG files. The price for this option is €500.
  2. I process your customized tables and make them available on my site only to the users you give access to. The price is €700.
  3. I process your customized tables and send the resulting diagrams to you. I would also give you the code that is used to run the site which you can install on your computer. The price for this option is €900.
  4. Updating the diagrams after the first processing takes one hour. The price of updates is €50.

Desktop app would be much better but this is what I can think of at the moment. If there is enough interest I will package my tool as a desktop app.

If your legal department doesn't trust the NDA, there is a fifth option:

  1. I can give you the code used for generating the diagrams and this site. You can use it as-is or re-code the parsing in your favourite language. The price for this option is €4.500.

Please contact me if you wish to use one of the above options.

Jan 7, 2018


Lets start 2018 by publishing Dynamics NAV 2018 Entity-Relationship (E/R) diagrams :-)

Dynamics NAV 2018 Table Relationship Diagrams

What Comes Next?

Now that the table relationship diagrams for NAV 2016-2018 are published I would like to ask you what should I work on next.

Some of my ideas:

  • List of setup fields and document fields that are used to control posting in codeunits.
  • Where-Used functionality for table fields.
  • Site search with auto-complete for tables and field names on this site.
  • Country specific versions of the diagrams.
  • What has changed in tables from version to version.
  • Table relationship diagrams for user selected tables.
  • Exporting diagrams as image.
  • Uploading your customized database and generating diagrams that your team can access online.
  • Desktop application that can generate diagrams for your own customized database.
  • High-level process diagrams (e.g. one page overview of receiving an item in the warehouse).
  • Lower-level activity (or sequence) diagrams for codeunits (e.g. diagrams for a sales posting codeunit).

Please send me your ideas and suggestions to my email.

Dec 9, 2017


I've researched eBook platforms to use them for publishing the NAV data model. They have too many limitations. I ended up with a regular web site where everything can be updated for each new version and cumulative update (CU).

You can start with an overview diagram like the one for the Currency related tables above. Then click on a table that interests you.

Some of the diagrams for tables still have too many tables but the current version uses an algorithm to decide which tables to include/exclude from these diagrams. I'm trying to avoid manually specifying which tables to show as this would limit the speed with which additional versions can be published.

I plan to publish more W1 versions next and then continue with country specific versions.

The site is in beta but feedback is welcomed: https://dynamicsdocs.com